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Reviews InfoMinder reviewed in FreePint.com's article on website tracking software

"This is one of the newest and one of the simplest tools for tracking changes on Web pages. You do not have to install any software on your computer. You just have to sign up..."

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User Feedback

Feedback InfoMinder saves me lot of time

I'd not realized how much work and time your service saves until I put it to work. Yes, I made a similar remark after two days. Now, after a week or two, I underscore it: THANK YOU. Your spiders do almost instantly what would take me an hour, and my on-desk information is updated in five minutes instead of an hour. You free me to spend more time "elsewhere" and more greatly indulge in my other internet hobbies, such as http://www.freepint.com and so forth.

- Edward W. Stollery II

Feedback I can track sites with Frames too...

InfoMinder saves time and delivers information when it is available. The fact that it highlights the changes is a timesaver too. The product is good because it can track site with frames. Other products cannot.

- Hans de Cocq

Feedback Never miss anything with InfoMinder

InfoMinder tracks my favorite webpages so i don't have to! I also use InfoMinder to track changes to the www.clicktv.com website, wich is a TV schedule website like TV guide, and i set it to search for my favorite shows and stars so i never miss anything.

- Renč Dumouline

Feedback It's fine product

I've used InfoMinder sparingly while I evaluated Intelliseek's Bullseye product, but am switching over exclusively to a better web page monitoring service...nice job...it's a fine product.

- Robert Cavin

Other references on the Net

References Somebody should tell the researchers (and the authors, for that matter) about InfoMinder

Somebody should tell the researchers (and the authors, for that matter) about InfoMinder and Archive.org. InfoMinder will monitor any URL for you and tell you when they "rot", and Archive.org will show you the pages as they used to exist. This is a non-issue.

References My Favorite Tipples

InfoMinder is a free web product that will inform the user of new additions to any web site via e-mail. InfoMinder will provide a link back to the site with the additions highlighted.

References Tracking the Net

Has this happened to you? When you get to a Web site ... it looks exactly the same as the last time you got there. There is no new information; nothing has been changed. Or worse, the Web site looks different. Something, somewhere has been updated, but you can't for the life of you see what it is that has been changed.

References Keeping your research up-to-date

The web is an important source of information for keeping up-to-date. There are a number of services which allow you to keep informed of new resources appearing on the internet.

References Chronicling free to fee and beyond

Our reader John Morrish sends us this tip: "The excellent InfoMinder, which tracks changes in websites you nominate, used to be free if you only wanted to track up to 10 sites. Now that Basic version has been redefined as a "trial"."

References The Shifted Librarian

Thanks to both Steven and Free Pint for the link to TSL! A great list! I keep meaning to sign up with Infominder to try and get at those sites I can't get into my aggregator, so give it a whirl yourself.

References Minding the Web

A recent article in eWeek1 focused on network security. The article include a helpful sidebar, eWeek Labs Recommends: Key security resources, which listed fourteen URLs and suggested: "Every IT pro should bookmark and visit these sites -- often." Of course they should. Likewise, workers in every area of the information economy should keep a close eye on the websites vital to those areas. The question is: "How?" More specifically:

References Web Alerts

A while back, I asked whether anyone used a good web alert system. All the services I had used were out of business. Some people suggested RSS aggregators such as NetNewsWire, which is useful, but only if you're monitoring sites available in RSS

References Web Page Change Detection Services

A Web page detection service allows an individual to track changes made on a specific web page. This process begins by choosing and subscribing to a change detection service. Then the URLs to monitor are identified. Whenever there is a change to one of these URLs, the detection service will send you an e-mail to notify you of a change. The e-mail will contain a link to the page to facilitate access. Depending on the service you choose there may be a fee or it may be free. If free, the number of URLs you can monitor may be limited or the options for tracking the page may be limited. As with all things, the more you pay (and none of these services is particularly costly) the more you get.

References Joshua McGee's Best of the Web

InfoMinder: Tell InfoMinder to watch a web page for changes. When a change has been found, it sends you an email alert that contains the text of these changes. The server will also provide a version of the page with all the changes highlighted. This service is better than other such services I have tried; among the features, you can set restrictions on the minimum number of changes, or the content of the change, before you are notified. Your different watches are assembled into composite emails that are sent to you at intervals you specify.

References Tips, Tricks, and Tools: Taming the Internet

Visitors to the World Wide Web often find certain sites that provide great content, but do not offer RSS feeds or email newsletters to alert users to changes. There are tools available that allow users to monitor changes via email that are invaluable for these situations. One such tool, InfoMinder, allows users to set up notification via email to send an alert anytime content changes on a particular website

References Keeping your research up to date

Collection of service to keep you updated when Web sites, Usenet postings, news sources, etc. change.

References Track changes to you favorite webpages