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Privacy Policy

iMorph currently collects user's information to communicate with its users about the beta releases and send alert email notices.

In future releases of the Product, iMorph may collect other optional profile information. If so, iMorph's new privacy policy will be posted on iMorph's website, describing the use of all the information it collects.

iMorph does collect aggregate information about users, traffic patterns, and related Product usage information for statistical purposes only. This data will never include personally identifying information about users. iMorph's purpose in collecting this information is to provide its users with the best possible products and service.

Data Policy

1. We donot collect any information other than your name and email. We use these to send you alerts and product update information.

2. All other information such as job title, company affiliation etc., are optional. You can update or delete this information any time.

3. We donot share any of your information with anyon eelse.

4. We donot hold any payment related information on our website. It is processed by our payment processor (currently PayPal?)

5. You can unsubscribe from our services any time by sending us an email.

6. Our servers are hosted in the US.

7. Our backup systems use Amazon S3 hosted in the US.