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InfoMinder is a tool for tracking information on the web. Our customers use it for a variety of different applications that require constantly monitoring pages on the web (both internal and external). Here are some sample uses:
  • Internet Research
  • Product Tracking
  • Tracking competitors (news, products, changes to the management team, new partnerships, etc.)
  • Tracking Grant proposals and request proposals on government sites
  • Tracking profiles on myspace
  • Tracking certain types of news items
  • Tracking the activity of certain standards bodies and communities
  • Tracking blogs
  • Tracking social book marking sites like del.icio.us, flickr

These are just a few uses. You can easily import your existing bookmarks into InfoMinder and have it track the changes. Infominder not only sends you an alert when the page changes, but also presents the new page with all the changes highlighted.

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