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InfoMinder Assistant for IE (Download Now)

This will add new menu options to Internet Explorer's standard context menu that gets displayed on right-click in the document window. These menu options can be used to set up minders for the pages as you browse.

Once the IE Assistant for InfoMinder is downloaded and installed, the additional options become available depending on the browser you are using and the location where you have right-clicked the mouse.

If you've right-clicked on a link or on an image, you'll see the following menu items.

Mind This Link menu item is shown only when right-clicked on a link.

Mind This Page

This menu item is always available when you right-click the mouse. Selecting this menu option will create a new minder for the current web page you are viewing.

Mind This Page (with Cookies)

This menu item is similar to 'Mind This Page' but also captures the cookies associated with the page.

This menu item is available only for text hyperlinks and image hyperlinks. Selecting this menu option will create a new minder for the selected link or image.

This menu item allows you to track all links or links in the selected portion of the page. You could also filter the links based on whether they are within the site or external links.

Blog This

This menu item allows you to select any text on the page and post to your weblog from within InfoMinder.

System Requirements
  • Microsoft Windows (95, 98, ME, NT, or 2000)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0 or greater

Click here to download and install